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FamilyGenusLatin NameSynonymsEnglish Name
Machilidae Dilta Dilta saxicola,Womersley, 1930
Machilidae Dilta Dilta littoralis,Womersley, 1930
Machilidae Dilta Dilta hibernica,Carpenter, 1907
Machilidae Dilta Dilta chateri, Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero, 1995 Chater's Bristletail
Machilidae Trigoniophthalmus Trigoniophthalmus alternatus, Silvestri, 1904 t. britannicus , t. interupptus
Machilidae Petrobius Petrobius maritimus, Leach, 1809 petromachilis longicornis, reilly, 1915 Sea Bristletail
Machilidae Petrobius Petrobius brevistylus, Carpenter, 1913

Source of checklist - Delaney 1954, revised by Matt Prince November 2011 using information from EuroSpecies and the NBN Gateway, and material supplied by Prof L. Mendes
Any errata is likely to be the fault of the editor.


Lepismatidae Thermobia Thermobia domestica,Packard, 1873 Firebrat
Lepismatidae Lepisma Lepisma saccharina,Linnaeus, 1758 Silverfish

Source of checklist - Delaney 1954.
Any errata is likely to be the fault of the editor.


To be Done - note that the 11 species originally included in Delaneys 1954 key are way behind current rework of the european fauna as a whole.