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For more general information about the Archeognatha, Zygentoma and Diplura please visit the overview here

Very little is known about any of the bristletail orders in the United Kingdom, with even less information online (hence this website). The fauna is fairly poor in comparison to the rest of Europe, and is currently thought to be comprised of 6 members of the Archeognatha, 2 members of the Zygentoma and 11 members of the Diplura. However the true number is not really known.

Much of the UK knowledge is quite dated, with the only published key being that of Delaney from 1954 ! (Covering all three groups). Since then a lot of work has occured on the European fauna, and the UK knowledge is in urgent need of a review.

Distribution, habitat requirement and basic behavioural knowledge is scant or non-existant. The identification to species can be challenging, this coupled with the lack of information readily available, probably puts many naturalists off of from getting to grips with these ancient and mysterious creatures.

This resource hopes to improve matters somewhat, and get people looking at these creatures afresh, and contributing observational, distributional and behavioural information.

To that end there are some provisional revised keys here. Unfortunately identification past genus requires quite difficult characters, and can often only be attempted with adult males. Hopefully the keys can be improved as more entemologists get involved, and more information becomes freely available. More general identification, at least to genera, can be done or an informal basis by browsing the Species Accounts from the checklist

Against this impoverished background, anyone can get involved and contribute