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If you wish to contribute please contact "firebrat" at "".

The intention is to provide online resource for this group in the UK, starting with links to other information on the internet. Then developing this website to provide a single point of access for information pertaining to this group in the UK.

You can contribute and help out with the UK pages in many ways..

Suggest a link
Provide content, species accounts, or photographs
Report errors, omissions or broken links
Help out with current projects, see below

Contributors will be accredited accordingly, and in turn, please ensure that you either hold the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder for any material provided, and credit sources correctly.

Please note that this website is produced on a limited budget, and on a non profit basis, and offers of services on a fee basis, are not of interest.

Current Projects

At the moment the focus is on getting the website up and running in a very basic format, but with as much useful information as possible.

Links to people involved or interested in bristletails in the UK are particularly important. If you are working on any of these groups, or would like to get involved, contact me.

Expanding the links and species accounts, trialling the keys, contributing behavioural observations and your photographs (identified or not) would all be very helpful.

Having gratefull received a description of the relatively new addition to our fauna of Chater's Bristletail "Dilta Chateri, Bach, Mendes, Gaju and Molero, 1995" I would still be keen to discover more information about its discovery, behaviour, appearance in the field, distribution and current status.

I am also looking for information as to why Delaney thought petromachillis was a valid genus, and why it was then subsequently synonymized with petrobius maritimus.